About us

Our basic tenet for over 20 years: Cooking with reason and for wellbeing are the first priorities. The origins and modes of processing of our produce and their impacts on ourselves and our environs are matters close to our hearts. We are using first-class ingredients from seasonal and regional cultivation as well as ethically-bred meat and fish. It is our conviction that creation of the most delicious dishes can only be done with the best ingredients. We deem it our social obligation to inform and enlighten our fellow human beings about what they are eating. We want perceptive patrons who are aware of where their food comes from and how it is prepared.

What was new ground in 1990 can look back on a success story today. The Sarah Wiener Company has more than 200 staff and is active in various business divisions. We are cooking in our three bio-certified restaurants; provide a wide range of live-event catering, for major and not-so-major customers, for agencies and conferences.

Our business divisions: